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Data Center Setup Solution

Data Centers are a significant investment for any organization and that investment extends well beyond the initial capital costs of building and commissioning the facility.

Our Data Center Assessments are structured to help you maximize the value of your data center throughout its lifecycle. We help you ensure your infrastructure has redundant components in place to create, manage and maintenance as well as critical events (security aspect). We help you assess your operations protocols and procedures to reduce the risk of human error and build a world-class operations team. We help you evaluate data center efficiency to minimize costs and maximize utilization.

Managing your data center facilities life cycle is a critical function for ensuring business continuity and maximizing productivity. Our Data Center Solution offerings work with enterprise organizations to develop data center road maps, and plan and execute migrations, consolidations, build outs and moves. Our target environments include hosted sites, various managed solutions, public and private clouds and migrations between client-owned data centers. Our delivery model is flexible with turnkey solutions to partnering with clients based on their needs to complete the intended transition.

Secure Network Setup & Designing

The goal is to design a network that is cost-effective, easy to manage, and has the flexibility to adapt as the business and technical requirements of your organization grow and change. The design must account for your requirements including availability, resilience, affordability, security, scalability, and manageability. We offer infrastructure design services for both local-area networks (LANs) and wide-area networks (WANs). Whether the project is a new network, an upgrade or expanding an existing network, our network engineers will develop solutions with minimal interruption to your business operation. .

Network design includes:
• Business needs analysis
• Network and server maintenance and support
• IT Network Design Infrastructure
• IT planning and implementation
• Hardware and software updates that constitutes the network
• Network security policies
• Compliance with standards
• Network Security Traffic shaping and tuning
• Firewalls, Content Filtering
• Network security Monitoring network performance
• Manageability
• Businesses Upgrade-ability


Network Setup And Security

Methodology, systems, and processes in place designed to protect your most valuable assets – your company data and corporate infrastructure.

We have a vast experience in working with clients on computer networking and security specific projects. we have worked on a variety of projects, including the installations of networking devices such as switches, routers, firewall and troubleshooting network specific problems (bottlenecks, cabling problems, bandwidth performance issues). We having an experienced and well-trained network administrator, who are adequate of performing composite computer network services. We have rendered computer network support by working deep into the internals of a network using electronic network analyzers to uncover a hardware problem or a “routing” loop. We perform intensive bandwidth studies collecting data over several weeks and examine peak usage statistics and what caused them to improve computer networking systems.

Cyber Forensic Lab Setup

The rate at which cybercrime is increasing every day it might feel like there is no limitation to it, we also acknowledge the fact that there is nothing in this world that is ever going to be 100% secure. According to the CEO IBM in his 2016 article in Times Magazine the total loss associated with Cyber Crime can surpass $3Trillion by the end of 2019. Even if this rate it is expected to keep on increasing, we can certainly control/limit the damage it may cause.

In order to meet this need/demand of today’s scenario, we are going to need as many as possible dedicated digital forensic investigation labs. The new age lab setups combine a more advanced and wider set of investigative devices and solutions made to forensically examine a variety of digital devices apart from computers only.

As we have been able to establish our own high–end cyber forensic lab, our Cyber Lab Setup Solution/Service will not only help you to set up a cyber–forensic lab but offers you with the best in class hardware and software solutions/services, data transmission accessories and forensically beneficial tools for specialized digital forensics, meeting/matching international standards.

Our Cyber Lab Set–up Solution is usually divided in three sub–sections as given below:
• Activity A: Physical design & consideration of forensic lab (physical location, structural design, electrical need, communication need). Physical security recommendation.
• Activity B: Technical specification (requirement, installation setup, training of software/hardware tools).
• Activity C: Human resources (building investigation team and working).

Other Miscellaneous Requisites
• Specialized Forensic Workstation: Configured with large capacity hardware devices, Pre-installed with forensic purpose software solutions, Evidence protection and preservation devices integrated.
• Evidence Collection Accessories: Mobile Data Investigation Kit, Primary Investigation kit etc.
• Evidence Preservation Devices: RF Shield Bags (Large, Medium, Small), network jammer etc.
• Other Hardware Assemblage Tools: Wiring harness, Wall mounts, Cable ties, Wall plugs, Stainless steel Hose clamps, Fiberglass sleeves and tubes for wires, Round cable clips, Crystal plug connectors, Power cords, Hand-tools, Anti-static pads.