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Fraud Investigation



Fraud can be one of the biggest and most damaging businesses risk and security now a days the private public sectors mostly affected by fraud, irregularity.When the fraud happens the private and public sector faces reputational damage, financial loss and so on.

We investigate corporate frauds like corruption, cash theft, misue of assets, transaction frauds etc. wthin the legall framework of the organizations. We ensure complete confidentiality in coducting investigation.

We provide a detailed report on the fraud and reccomend improvements in the securiity controls for prevention of future frauds

The client must grant the expert sufficient authority to conduct the investigation and work with internal departments — including human resources, in-house counsel, senior management, IT, internal auditing, and security and loss-prevention.


The gross misconduct not always considered the illegal activity conducted by the employee if the act is serious then the organization can fire immediately n legal term we called as “summarily dismissed” and the employee my be dismissed without notice or pay of notice even for a first offense.

There some most common act of gross misconduct that we fire the employee immediately which are:
i. Theft and Fraud
ii. Damage to Property
iii. Breach of Safety Protocol
iv. Offensive Behavior
v. Drug and Alcohol Use

General misconduct is not egregious, meaning it isn't an intentional act to harm the company or another person. General misconduct, also called simple misconduct, is not usually a situation in which a person is summarily dismissed on the spot.

We services for monitoring the employees and assist the case of security breach in the organization and assist the fraud cases.



The physical security describes the measure to deny unauthorized access to facilities and resources to protect property from damage or harm the physical security involves the use of multiple layers of interdependent systems which include CCTV surveillance, access control protocols, and many other techniques.

We use our findings not only any legal proceedings but also to strengthen the internal controls to mitigate the future problems of organization.

We give the services to find out the weakness and the security gaps throughout the organization and finding the issues regarding compliance and noncompliance and give the effective solution to it.


For Audio Forensic:
• The audio forensic is the field of digital forensic which can analyze the sound recordings that may be presenting the evidence in the court of law.
• in the part of audio analysis, we can extract the audio file from the evidence and analysis them and transcript the audio.

For Video Forensic:
• in the video forensic we can analysis the CCTV footage and check the video and frame by frame.
• And the video can be analyzing with the help of forensic tools.