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Computer Forensic

Computer Forensics is a branch of Digital Forensic pertaining to evidences/information found within the computers.

Our Goal with Computer Forensics is to explicitly inspect computers in a legally authorized forensic manner for identifying, preserving, recovering, analyzing and presenting facts/opinions about the information that was recovered or extracted from the devices.

Evidence can be acquired and analyzed from many other digital sources/storage devices such as CD/DVDs, USB hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, etc.

As well as well we provide the services for Imaging and cloning of the multiple storage devices. Analysis involves everything from :
Data Decryption
Data Compression & Imaging

Password Recovery

Password recovery is the process of identifying a lost, destroyed, or otherwise inaccessible password, allowing for the successful decryption of key files. This can be a crucial service to consider when you’ve lost important databases, spreadsheets, documents, and other files due to encryption.

As an expert in cryptography solutions, we offer experienced password recovery for all format and type of scenarios. We are providing PASSWORD RECOVERY SERVICES encompassing HDD Password Recovery, windows password recovery, windows password recovery types of files stored in computer systems, document password recovery, account password recovery etc.

Our specialized experts have the ability to recover the data or reset the password on a locked hard drive. A large number of users come to us for reliable hard drive password support. Our experts reset the BIOS password using different and safest techniques


Malware Forensic

Nowadays Malware attacks are the most prevalent and profiting cybercrime venture in play. Malware attacks have a pan global operation resulting in the monetary loss as well as loss of important information, infrastructure services, etc. and thus can impact the business of an infiltrated organization in extreme adverse ways.

Investigating and Analyzing Malicious Code covers the complete process of first analyzing the impact extent, the impact itself and all means of responding to an attack/malicious code incident.

Malware can enter any system/infrastructure in many formats like in form of a simple image or text or link or video or phone call etc. sent over any communication medium like WhatsApp or email or even text message etc.

For an organization to be able to address and be prepared for such incident requires extensive support and maintenance team ready and updated at all times.

Our team of highly dedicated, experienced and updated professionals assist in investigating, analyzing, and accounting the scope of damage, and limit/contain the situation before it spreads further. As well as we identify the intrusion paths/patter to prevent malware threats from reoccurring in future.

Network Forensic

Network (N/w) Forensic is a unique and most relevant sub–branch of Digital/Computer Forensics.most of the cyber attack occur throught the network plays a major role in limiting and preventing Securing information and systems from attacks.

Our N/w Forensic experts are very capable to capture, record, monitor and analyze computer network and its traffic for the purposes of information analysis and gathering legal evidences, which eventually will help us to detect the source and cause of cyber (network) attack.

Our Network Forensic Investigator team can deal with volatile as well as dynamic form information networks/systems.


Audio/Video/DVR Analysis

The most frequent function of forensic video and audio experts is to clear a recorded video so that it is more clearly visible to investigators, attorneys and jurors to what the evidence found.

We employ various techniques to clear blurred images and videos and remove any kind of distortion which may be present inn audio, video and image files.

Our technical experts had provided technical assistance to various police officers for extraction of CCTV footage from various types of DVR Machine from crime location and also provide authentic hash value generation report with 65 B Certificates. As well as had assisted police and other LEAs (Law Enforcement Agencies) in completing the Video and Audio analysis in multiple cases/projects.

Deleted Data Recovery

We are very proud to highlight that our team of data experts have executed more than 300+ projects/case successfully in last couple of years for Deleted Data Recovery and Analysis.

We recover all kinds of data which have been accidently deleted or intentionally erased from all digital devices.

We recover different types of deleted data like document files, excel files, audio, video and image files, pdf files etc.


Support Services

Cyber-attack is not limited to individual internet users but nowadays even companies need to bear the brunt of security intrusions. Results of these attacks can be fatal ranging from data loss of their client to financial damage, account Hack etc. In the event of a security breach, we provide the solution from a cyber-attack.

Organizations need to recover quickly from a cyber-attack to ensure smooth functioning. We have capabilities of detection and building an effective response program with our Readiness Services. Our existing plans into an optimized incident response program. With a rigorous program in place, counter effectively when a security incident occurs, resume normal business functions quickly, and preempt the next attack. Our incident response team will mitigate the attack and ensure that minimum losses are incurred. We also recover important data which may be deleted due to a cyber-attack.

With cyber criminals not only targeting organizations but also individuals, our personal information is at stake. We provide services like forensic investigation of hacking of social media accounts, personal digital devices etc. and forensic cleaning of digital devices in case of malwares. We also provide consulting services on securing these digital devices from any cyber- attacks in the future.

Social & Web Browser Forensic

When talking about social media first thing we consider today is Facebook. Recently active Facebook users in India has surpassed total population of United States of America rising the active users count to mammoth of 462Million users. Such type of demographics of internet usage in our country are just at their starting points. With Digitalization of India the expected number is supposed to keep growing at exponential rate. Therefore, it also brings us to light that the crime rate related to the internet/cybercrime are also going to be increasing at an exponential rate.

Hence, nowadays Social Media and Web Browser forensics is one of the important factors within computer forensics investigation. Reason being most of the civil and even criminal cases almost always had evidence gathered/acquired from user internet activities as communication and learning is the key. Web browser is used by criminals to collect or inquire information for a new crime technique, to conceal his/her crime or even to communicate important information. Every action taken leaves a criminal footprint on cyber world, the traces of which can be found on computer’s web browser. Internet users use the web browser to perform various activities on the internet such as browsing internet, email, internet banking, social media applications, download files-videos etc.

Also, as web browser is the only way to access the internet cybercrime criminal even uses or targets the web browsers to commit the crime related to the internet. Our experienced digital forensic examiners are able to collect and analyze the artifacts related to web browser usage of the suspect. We analyze history, cookies, login data, user profile, prefetch file, RAM dump etc. to collect artifacts related to internet activities on windows installed web browser.